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Shipping Strawberries: Ensuring Freshness with Reefer STL

Strawberries are highly perishable and delicate fruits that require specific temperature conditions during transportation. The best way to maintain their quality is by using small refrigerated truckloads, a specialty of Reefer Van Network. This method ensures a perfect blend of mobility, resource efficiency, and overall effectiveness.

Best Practices for Shipping Strawberries

Maintaining the freshness of strawberries during transport is all about strict temperature control and keeping the optimal range between 32-34°F. Refrigerated truckloads must carry advanced cooling systems that ensure this stable environment throughout the journey.

Packaging materials are no less important. Strawberries should be packed in ventilated containers that allow air circulation while providing cushioning to prevent bruising. Materials like clamshells or punnets offer the necessary protection while allowing for easy inspection and handling.

Managing humidity levels is also necessary. Maintaining a relative humidity level of 90-95% inside the truck helps prevent mold growth, dehydration, and shriveling. Reefer systems must be able to correct humidity levels on the fly to create the ideal conditions for strawberries.

When all conditions are met, the next thing you need to consider is handling. Using methods that minimize physical impact is key to ensuring that the strawberries remain in the best possible condition from the farm to the loading point and from the unloading point to the customer.

Advantages of Refrigerated STL for Strawberry Shipping

When it comes to shipping strawberries and similar loads, refrigerated small truckloads (STL) outperform other shipping methods in every way. 

Unmatched flexibility

Being a full truckload but just smaller at its core, STL provides the flexibility to accommodate smaller loads, offering the best of all worlds. Farms and businesses that don’t need to fill a large truck can ship more frequently, ensuring they reach markets while still fresh.

Faster delivery times

Smaller trucks are more agile and can navigate traffic faster than larger vehicles, resulting in shorter transit times. The quicker your strawberries arrive, the fresher they remain.


Refrigerated STL allows small and medium-sized businesses to ship smaller quantities without needing a full truckload, reducing overall shipping costs. STL enables businesses with limited budgets to access high-quality solutions.

Focus on individual shipments

With smaller loads, each shipment receives more attention and care. This transforms into higher quality control, as the logistics provider can monitor and manage the specific requirements of each batch of strawberries. 

Popular Routes for Shipping Strawberries

Transporting strawberries efficiently requires knowing the best routes. Businesses strive to follow these routes to reach their targeted markets quickly.  

California to the East Coast

California, a top strawberry producer, frequently ships to cities like New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C. This route is very popular among businesses shipping fresh strawberries to the densely populated East Coast markets.

Florida to the Midwest

Florida’s strawberry farms often supply cities such as Chicago, Detroit, and Minneapolis. This route is crucial for delivering fresh strawberries to key Midwest markets where demand is high.

Pacific Northwest to the Southwest

This route covers deliveries to cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Denver. The climate-controlled trucks ensure that strawberries from this region maintain their freshness over long distances.

California to the Midwest 

Cities in the Midwest, including major hubs in states like Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, rely on California’s farms. These distribution centers then supply fresh strawberries to various regional retailers and markets.

Choosing the Right Shipping Partner for Your Strawberry Business

Partnership is a key factor in any business, and strawberry logistics is no exception. Here are the main criteria you should consider when choosing a shipping partner:


Your shipping partner must understand the nuances of transporting perishable goods. It should also boast extensive expertise in refrigerated small truckloads to guarantee that your strawberries will be shipped under optimal conditions.


Choosing a partner with positive reviews and a strong track record provides peace of mind. Look for testimonials and case studies that highlight successful deliveries and satisfied clients. 

Technology use

Advanced technologies like tracking and temperature monitoring systems are indispensable today. These technologies ensure that temperature levels are maintained within the ideal range.

Customer service

Access to a team that can quickly address any concerns or issues ensures smooth operations. Logistics providers that are ready to assist you at every step give you a winning advantage over the competition.


Shipping strawberries presents several challenges. Businesses need to maintain precise temperature control, use appropriate packaging, manage humidity, and ensure gentle handling to deliver their perishable fruits to the customer in perfect condition. No less important is choosing the right shipping routes and, especially, a reliable logistics partner like Reefer Van Network. We are an industry leader in small refrigerated truckloads (STL), offering flexibility, faster delivery times, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced quality control that is unreachable to the competition.

Trust Reefer Van Network to deliver your products in perfect condition every time!

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