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Access to a network of trusted carriers

Reefer Van Network verifies that each of its carriers meet high safety and compliance standards.


Check for Reefers Nearby

Our Map Tool provides a visual reference for our coverage in any area. Once you know your Origin and Destination, you can fill out a basic form to see available vehicles near your pickup location.Provide us your information and you will receive a quote within 15 minutes!

You can also just call (252) 220-9352 to get a confirmed rate.


How We Choose Our Carriers

Reefer Van Network is dedicated to becoming a dependable part of your operation. We seek out trustworthy carriers with Sprinter Vans, Box Trucks, and Straight Trucks featuring Temperature Control systems. We operate a process that includes reviewing experience, verifying equipment standards, contacting references, and ensuring that carriers meet CSA score requirements, and pass a PSP records check. This process is designed to give you peace of mind as your cargo is safely delivered to your destination.

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95% Coverage

Reefer Van Network brings temperature-controlled delivery to virtually every corner of the mainland U.S. By directly working with a long list of carriers covering each region, we have done the legwork of ensuring you have trucking capacity to deliver your temperature-controlled load on-time. There is no need to deal with individual regional carriers; our solution provides a one-vendor trip that simplifies paperwork and carrier-matching.


24/7 Support

Our representatives are available around the clock to help.

Reach us at (252) 220-9352.

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A Fully Transparent Service Experience


Calculate Pricing

Give us a few basic details about your load to calculate your shipping rate.


Confirm Details

An RVN Specialist will contact you to confirm your details and any related shipping notes.


Match with a Trusted Carrier

Our specialist will connect your load to one of our trusted carriers.


Track Online

Our Tracking tool allows you to receive updates from shipping to delivery. Plus, receive 24/7 phone support.

Get a quote

Please fill out the form and one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible.