Cold Supply Chain Logistics

Do you need someone to run your cold supply chain? Reefer Van Network offers comprehensive reefer logistics solutions of smaller refrigerated vehicles. From a sprinter van to a straight truck. Call us today to get a quote in minutes.


Cold Chain Management

Cold chain management or temperature-controlled logistics is a process that involves maintaining a specific temperature and humidity level when transporting perishable and sensitive goods. RVN provides cold chain logistics services by working with many reefer sprinters, box trucks and straight trucks across the country.

Reefer Van Network can fully cover your business’s supply chain management, organizing the product flow from raw materials transportation to final delivery to customers. Our cold supply chain logistics experts will collaborate with you to develop, manage, and implement a solution that satisfies your cold chain requirements, improving the efficiency of your supply chain and lowering cargo exposure. You can harness these solutions for short and long-term cooperation, focus them on the import or export of the products, or we can tailor them exclusively for your storage and transportation needs. All our logistics operations are supported by our experience in a variety of industries.

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Cold Supply Chain Solutions

Cold supply chain solutions from RVN can help your business support a stable flow of products and materials without losing their quality. We work with food, pharmaceuticals, greenery, healthcare equipment, chemicals, and cosmetics.


Cold Forward Logistics

Forward logistics is the process of transporting goods from the manufacturer to the final customer. When a supply chain is focused on temperature-sensitive products, the whole process involves more enhanced equipment, strict time frames, and thorough management.

RVN can organize cold forward logistics processes for your business. They will include refrigerated delivery of materials to your facilities and temperature-controlled transportation of goods to your clients.


Cold Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics describes all the processes that are connected to the customer returning the product. The main task of cold reverse logistics is to deliver the product back to the manufacturer fast and without losing its qualities.

RVN works with experienced drivers who operate state-of-art equipment for refrigerated transportation. You can be sure that all temperature-sensitive products will keep their quality and safely return to your facility.

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