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Reefer STL: Our Protocol

Transporting temperature-sensitive freight requires high precision and reliability. Reefer Van Network’s reefer vans follow a stringent protocol to reach this perfection, ensuring your goods remain at their perfect temperature from pickup to delivery.

Here is how we keep your freight safe throughout the journey:

Pre-Pickup Checks

Before any freight is loaded, our drivers take a control photo of the truck’s temperature sensor to confirm the vehicle is prepped and ready. Next, we check the load’s temperature and send a photo to our dispatch team for verification. Once everything is confirmed, we proceed with loading the freight.

Continuous Monitoring

When the load is approved and on the move, our dispatch team receives frequent updates on both temperature and location. Every two hours, our dispatch team keeps you informed about these updates, giving you peace of mind and control over your shipment.

Delivery Assurance

Upon reaching the destination, we conduct another temperature check inside the truck. Before unloading, we document the temperature, take photos, and provide proof of delivery to our dispatch team. Only when everything checks out can we mark the trip as completed.

Perfection is in our DNA, and this strict protocol proves it entirely. We are your trusted partner for temperature-controlled transportation. Rely on Reefer Van Network when shipping temperature-sensitive freight, and experience unparalleled precision and reliability every step of the way!

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