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8 Key Trends in Cold-Chain Freight for 2024

2024 should become a year of significant changes in the cold-chain freight industry. From integrating advanced technologies for enhanced monitoring and automation to the emphasis on sustainability and the growth in sectors like pharmaceuticals and fresh produce logistics, these trends are already reshaping the logistics landscape...

Understanding How Refrigerated Vans Are Made 

The significance of refrigerated vans is hard to overestimate. In the food sector, they are a must for transporting perishables like dairy products, meat, and fresh produce, ensuring these items reach consumers in optimal condition. The pharmaceutical industry relies on reefer vans to maintain the efficacy of temperature-sensitive medications and vaccines during transit. Even the floriculture industry benefits from these specialized vehicles, as they help keep flowers fresh and vibrant until they reach their destination...

The Complete Guide to Monitoring Temperatures in the Cold Chain

The core of cold chain temperature monitoring is a sophisticated network of temperature monitoring devices meticulously deployed throughout the supply chain. These devices, including data loggers, wireless sensors, and probe thermometers, serve as the vigilant custodians of temperature conditions at various points in the cold chain...

Delivering Thanksgiving: RVN’s Expertise in Turkey Transportation with Reefer STL

As the demand for turkeys peaks before Thanksgiving, ensuring a seamless supply chain becomes crucial. Today, we explore the integral role of turkeys in Thanksgiving celebrations, shedding light on the complexities of their transportation, as well as shed light on the innovative Reefer STL shipping method.

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Optimizing the Last Mile Delivery for Cold Chain Pharma Products

The pharmaceutical industry is witnessing an unprecedented surge in the demand for cold chain logistics, especially in the realm of last-mile delivery. Ensuring that temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products reach their destination without compromising their efficacy is of paramount importance. Here’s how the refrigerated trucking industry is optimizing the last mile for cold chain pharma products: Cold […]

Seasonal Impact on the Cold Shipping of Fresh Produce

Suppose you own a young transportation company that requires refrigerated vans. In that case, you’re probably trying to gauge the cost of a new refrigerated van and wondering whether it would be cheaper to convert an old